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Snore Free is an oral appliance (specially designed mouthguard) that gently pushes the lower jaw into the ‘awake’ position, opening the air passage, thereby eliminating snoring. Simple and effective!



How to fit your Snore-Free

It will take longer to read these instructions than to fit Snore-Free.
Before you begin, collect the following items near your stove:

  • a pot with at least 5 inches of water
  • a bowl of ice water
  • a watch or clock with a second hand
  • the stabilizer handle and your Snore-Free


1. Practice

  1. Identify the parts of Snore-Free on Diagram 1.
  2. Insert stabilizer handle into the rectangular hole.
  3. Place Snore-Free into your mouth.
  4. The upper U-shaped section fits over your upper teeth.
  5. Make sure the flange is behind your lower teeth.
  6. Now bring your lower teeth forward until they touch the lower projection on the handle.
  7. Bite down carefully. (Remember, until the device is heated it will not conform to your mouth’s shape and – I your lower jaw has the rounded bony protrusions called tori, this could be uncomfortable.)
  8. Now suck hard as if drawing from a straw.
  9. Press your fingers against your upper lip.
  10. Push your tongue against the flange.
  11. Remove Snore-Free from your mouth.
  12. Practice this step a few times.



2. Custom Fitting

  1. With your Snore-Free attached to the handle, check the water in the pot and the bowl to be sure it is deep enough to completely cover the device.
  2. Bring the water in the pot to a boil, then turn off the heat.
  3. Caution: use extreme caution when using boiling water
  4. Do not leave your device in hot water for more than 50 seconds. A longer exposure may shrink the comfort tray.
  5. Use the handle to lower Snore-Free under boiling water as shown in Diagram 2.
  6. Wait 25 seconds
  7. Now submerge Snore-Free in ice water for 2-3 seconds (Diagram 3).
  8. Immediately place Snore-Free into your mouth with the flange behind your lower teeth, as practiced (Diagram 4).
  9. Bring your lower teeth forward until they touch the handle and bite down firmly. Suck hard with your lips together to draw out all moisture in the appliance as you press your upper lip against your upper teeth with your fingers. With your tongue, push flange against your lower teeth. Wait 30 seconds.
  10. Remove Snore-Free and place in ice water for 1 minute.
  11. Remove the handle and try on your custom-fitted Snore-Free.
  12. Repeat Custom Fitting if necessary.

3. Wearing Snore-Free

Do you generally fall asleep when your head hits the pillow? If so, just insert Snore-Free when you are ready to sleep and you should have no problem. If it usually takes awhile to fall asleep – or if you find you’ve removed the device during the night – you may need to let your mouth become accustomed to the new sensation. Practice wearing Snore-Free for 15-30 minutes just before you go to sleep. Then try again the next night. Don’t be concerned if it takes a few days to adjust. It won’t be long before you’ll be sleeping comfortably with Snore-Free in place. Should there still be a feeling of discomfort, you may need to re-fit your appliance by repeating Step 2 of the instructions.



4. Cleaning

After each use, always clean your Snore-Free with Snore-FreeTM Daily Dental Appliance Cleanser as directed on the bottle.

(1) Place one-half capful in Snore-Free Daytime Bath container. Fill with water. Do not use hot water.

(2) Place Snore-Free in solution and let soak for 15 minutes before storing it for nighttime wearing.


“What can I say but wonderful! He doesn’t snore any more, the most I hear is a deep breathing. Plus he sleeps a lot less so the kids and I get to spend more time with him.”
-J. McLean

“Best night’s sleep in years. I used to wake up
with headaches but not anymore.”
-J. Steincamp

“I took a chance with the snore appliance and got immediate relief.
My wife tells me I don’t wake her up anymore, I’ve stopped drinking coffee,
and I don’t need to take afternoon naps anymore.”
-D. Warner

“I would never have believed something so simple and inexpensive would be
the answer to such a complex problem. This is a miracle.”
-Mrs. D. Warner


Whether Snore-Free was purchased for yourself, or for someone you care about, you have taken an important step towards nights of quiet, restful sleep-perhaps your first in years! This safe, easy-to-use device was developed by two California dentists. It has been used with great success by their patients, and by thousands of other men and women who snore. If you have a history of periodontal disease, TMJ, loose teeth, high blood pressure, or have other specific medical or dental conditions, particularly those requiring medication, it is a good idea to consult your doctor or dentist before using Snore-Free.

As you know, snoring does not occur when the person is awake. Most snoring is due to relaxation of their jaw and tongue during sleep. The lower jaw and tongue slip back, obstructing the windpipe. Breathing then causes a loud rushing noise as air vibrates against soft tissues.
Snore-Free is so effective because it restores the jaw and tongue to an awake position, enhancing air flow. When custom-fitted, the device is very comfortable to wear, and most people can expierience a snore-free night with the first use.

To ensure your comfort and success, please take the time to read this brochure and practice a bit before trying the easy custom-fitting process. Sweet dreams!

Thousands of Satisfied Customers!

Due to the nature of the products on our website, we at have a very strict returns policy.

Although Snore Free Kits are backed by thousands of satisfied customers, due to sanitary regulations, we cannot process returns for items that have been opened or placed in the mouth. The most common cause of unsatisfied customers is simply because the directions were not followed carefully enough. In fact, the only time the product will not work is when it is not moulded correctly. Please read the instructions completely before molding the mouthpiece. If you have any problmes, please call customer service at 888-NOSNORE for assistance.

We will only accept returns if the product is proven to be defective. To return only a proven defective product, first call customer service for a RMA number and then it ship to:

Snorefree Returns
21520 Yorba Linda Blvd,
Suite 449 Yorba Linda, CA 92887